Key Components of the Elementary School at AISB

The elementary school at the American International School of Budapest is a place where I wish my daughter had the opportunity to be educated. The ES has all the hallmarks of a very good school striving to be a great school. The advent of the consolidated, purpose built campus, the willingness of faculty to meet the objectives of the Strategic Plan, and a parent community committed to providing continued support for the development of their children ensure a school that is moving forward.


  • A highly qualified and professional faculty who are committed to inspiring all students in their care
  • A purpose built state-of-the-art facility opening in August, 2009
  • A school day schedule that maximizes learning, balances nutrition and play, and provides students with opportunities to pursue the arts, as well as core subjects. See Balanced School Day
  • A robust co-curricular after school activities program
  • A warm, caring, and nurturing environment that places the needs of children above all else
  • A language-rich curriculum that encourages children to use English language and increase their vocabularies while incorporating reading and writing into their everyday lives 
  • An environment where risk-taking and reaching for best are encouraged without fear of failure
  • A strong English as a Second Language program helps those children new to the English language to acquire the vocabulary and skills necessary to become independent learners
  • A strong Parent School Association that supports the learning of children

I look forward to all of you reading this to become part of the thriving AISB community.

Joe Atherton
Elementary School Principal