The Beginning of the Journey

Dear Parents,
The American International School of Budapest, for the first time, will be offering a program to meet the needs of 3 year olds in our community. This program will begin in August 2009. For many of the 3 year olds in our community this will be their first experience in a full-day group setting (maximum 12 children with 2 adults). Not to worry, our qualified teachers will sensitively guide your child through the transition from home to school.

In the Pre-K3 classroom, children will learn through play in an environment planned to encourage discovery, independence and social interaction. Play will involve the use of manipulative materials and multi-sensory experiences, and emphasizes the development of language skills.

Our youngest learners will benefit from planned learning activities with a balance of pre-academic skills and social and personal growth in a happy, friendly, and supportive atmosphere. We will promote positive, warm interactions among adults and children. The 3 year olds will thrive in a stimulating classroom environment with age-appropriate materials. Our new to English Language Learners will benefit from an environment that enhances the development of English language skills. Our teachers will encourage spontaneous play as it is a natural way for young children to learn to interact with one another and to understand their environment. The program will include art, dramatic play, inquiry into mathematics, play with letters and sounds, books, music, technology, water and sand play and science activities.

The afternoon program will include naptime and extended play opportunities, supervised by teaching assistants. Our program will also offer flexible pick-up times to accommodate individual child and family needs.

To enroll, children must be toilet-trained, be able to feed themselves, be able to follow simple instructions, and be able to appropriately interact with other children.

If you have a child who will turn 3 years old on or before September 1st, 2009 please contact our admissions office,
Email: Admissions
Office Phone: (36-26) 556-000

Joe Atherton
Elementary School Principal