An Aligned Effort To Prepare Your Child For Formal Schooling

The Early Childhood Program at AISB is expanding with the addition of the Pre K-3 program scheduled to start in August 2009. The expansion of the program, the move to the new building and our desire to best meet the needs of our youngest students, propels us to examine our existing practices in light of ‘best practices’ in schools worldwide. Research, reflection and opportunity will guide us in developing the Early Childhood Centre as a division of the school that will prepare our learners for the challenges of the Elementary School Program.

The learning experience in the Early Childhood Center is focused on providing a safe and caring environment. We recognize that children thrive when their social, emotional, creative, intellectual and physical needs are met through play. We are committed to providing excellence in early childhood education, with an exemplary program offering children a rich spectrum of developmentally appropriate opportunities. The program is culturally sensitive and encourages each child’s natural curiosity and interest in learning.

We believe that childhood should be cherished. These early years form the basis of a child’s future education. We believe that early childhood experiences should enable children to develop positive self-esteem, independence, confidence, responsibility for their behavior and belongings, and the competency and skills necessary to reach their full potential in a complex, ever-changing world.

A team of exceptional teachers and teacher assistants, under the guidance of an Early Childhood Coordinator, will ensure the success of every child under their care.

I look forward to working with you as partners in your child’s early years experience at the American International School of Budapest.


Joe Atherton

Elementary Principal