Music Program

The music program at AISB is characterized by a dynamic approach to music where children are active participants in the music making process. We strive to develop student musicians who can hear, feel, understand and physically express themselves through music. Music class develops skill in the basic elements of music such as rhythm, melody, harmony, history and performance. This is accomplished via experiences with body percussion, speech, singing, movement and dance, games, drama and playing a variety of pitched and non-pitched instruments, especially Orff instruments. In the Upper Elementary, students have the opportunity to sing in various choral programs and all students in fifth grade play an instrument in the band program.

Music is also seen as a subject that supports and enhances other academic skills and conscious integration with other curriculum areas is practiced. Music also is a vital part of the traditional celebrations and holiday activities of the school. The social aspects of music making are a central quality of our music program as well both in the classroom and during performances such as the Winter Concerts and Fine Arts nights.

Next year’s music classes will be held in two new, purpose-built music rooms and there will also be two instrument practice rooms as well. Another new addition will be Rachel Lam as the new upper elementary music teacher. She is coming to us after teaching in Japan. With the two campuses merging into one next year we are looking forward to an increase in collaboration and sharing of ideas that will only enhance the music program and help it to grow.

Conway Chewning
Lower Elementary Music Teacher